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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

It is known that gambling has existed in various forms for centuries. Evidence of this has been found in numerous archaeological excavations around the world. Nowadays, the definition of gambling is: any game of chance in which you place a bet and you can win or lose the bet. Many people consider gambling as a form of recreation or entertainment. For some, however, gambling becomes a big part of their lives and crosses the line of responsible gaming.
The topic of gambling responsibility is of paramount importance to the gaming industry. As one of the main operators on the Bulgarian market in the gambling industry, Palms Merkur Casino accepts as a commitment to protect its guests from unreasonable play. Excessive betting and lack of control over gambling behavior can lead to serious financial difficulties. All members of the Palms Merkur Casino team are committed to providing the service in a way that reminds customers that the purpose of the game is fun and bets must be moderate without exceeding the pre-planned budget for entertainment.
Here are some warning signs for problematic gambling or a tendency to problems with gambling:
• Reduced time for family and / or friends in favor of the game
• Repeated inability to stop or control the game, even more frequent doubling of bets
• Borrowing money for gambling or to cover up previous game losses
• The hope of a "big win", which would be the only way to solve money problems
• Using the game as an emotional escape from the outside world
• Neglect of one's own needs or neglect of the family due to gambling
• Gradual delays or absence from special occasions
• Lying about time spent playing or money lost on bets
• Betting on ever-higher amounts to cover up previous losses
• Raising money for play through the sale or pledge of personal property
• Feelings of hopelessness, depression or irritability when losing or when being unable to play
In the presence of some of these signs, it is very likely that there are problems with the game. If this information has aroused your interest and you think that you or your loved one has problems with gambling, you can get more interesting information and tips for Responsible Gaming.
One of the main socially responsible activities of Palms Merkur Casino is to protect its guests from excessive alcohol consumption, thus protecting them from unreasonable betting. Each member of the Palms Merkur Casino team is committed to adhering to and following policies to protect customers from unreasonable betting. The consumption of alcoholic beverages in Palms Merkur Casino is regulated in a way that allows guests to enjoy the pleasure of drinking, but does not allow blurring of judgment and prevents the adverse effects that may have on their way of betting. Palms Merkur Casino does not allow intoxicated customers who are among the main risk groups prone to unreasonable bets. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed in any of the sites of the organization, regardless of the purpose of the visit or the persons accompanying them.
Another guiding rule at Palms Merkur Casino, which allows no exceptions, is the ban on lending money to players. Employees of Palms Merkur Casino are not allowed to provide any form of credit or loan to a participant in gambling.
At Palms Merkur Casino, strict compliance with the Gambling Act and all additional regulations concerning the lawful conduct of betting and fair betting are absolutely guaranteed.