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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to visit Palms Merkur Casino?
• Anyone over the age of 18 can visit Palms Merkur Casino.

Do you have to bring any identity documents when you visit Palms Merkur Casino?
• To visit Palms Merkur Casino you must carry one of the following documents:
• ID card;
• International passport;
• Driving license;

What are the opening hours of Palms Merkur Casino?
• Palms Merkur Casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Do you need to be registered to visit Palms Merkur Casino?
• You do not need to register in advance. Visitor registration is optional and is for the purpose of participating in the activities offered by Palms Merkur Casino.

You have never visited a casino before?
• Don't worry, the team of Palms Merkur Casino is made up of professionals who will be happy to help you choose. Good service is one of the reasons why once visited Palms Merkur Casino, guests always come back. Employees are always available to answer all your questions. Excellent service is what will distinguish Palms Merkur Casino.
What is the minimum bet at Palms Merkur Casino?
• Palms Merkur Casino has a rich selection of slot machines, the minimum bet of which starts from BGN 0.01 per line. On roulettes, the minimum bet you can make is BGN 0.10.

How to join the promotions of Palms Merkur Casino?
• Every guest of Palms Merkur Casino can take advantage of all promotions. Information about the possibilities for additional prizes can be found here.

Is there a dress code at Palms Merkur Casino?
• Palms Merkur Casino takes care of providing a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for all guests. The dress code is not strict and the generally accepted rules for acceptable appearance are in force.
Palms Merkur Casino welcomes:
• Clean and tidy clothes and shoes;
• Sports, sporty-elegant, casual clothes and shoes;
• Elegant clothes and shoes;
As a sign of respect to all visitors, in Palms Merkur Casino it is not desirable to wear:
• Torn or dirty clothes and shoes;
• Uniforms and work clothes;
• Hats - with or without visor;
• Clothing with hoods is allowed, and hoods must be worn removed;

Where is Palms Merkur Casino located?
• The exact address and location for each Palms Merkur Casino can be found here.

Where can you park when visiting Palms Merkur Casino?
• There is a public car park next to each Palms Merkur Casino. Some places are free, but others may have a fee set by the municipality.

How to become part of the team of Palms Merkur Casino?
• Palms Merkur Casino offers the opportunity for career start and professional development for people looking for new challenges and the opportunity to be evaluated for their skills. You can see the vacancies at Palms Merkur Casino and apply in the Jobs section. Your application will be considered and a Palms Merkur Casino representative will contact any candidate approved for the next stage as soon as possible.